Freezer Fun

We bought a stand up freezer years ago and it has been the best thing for keeping organized. I often batch cook as part of our meal planning and that takes up a lot of freezer space. We also buy our meat in bulk and have to portion. Trying to keep all those freezer bags and portions organized can be a challenge! When we had a chest freezer, there were baskets we could use. So, I figured why not use containers? Depending on what is in the freezer at the moment, the contents can change. Seafood, beef, chicken. Everything is labelled and sorted in the containers. I can easily pull them out from the shelf and find what I need for dinner that night. Our freezer door has so many shelves. Jars, small containers, cheese, butter all get stored there. And then our awesome big basket on the bottom is fantastic for breads. It keeps them from getting squished and when we buy the Costco bulk packs we can open them without worrying about the smaller packages falling. It is also great for bags of frozen veg. As fall cooking comes into full effect, and then Christmas baking I have plenty of space for containers, jars of soups, stews and more. Sorted and easy for anyone in our family to find if they need it for dinner, lunch or dessert!

Published by Krista

I'm a wife, mom of 2 kids, 2 cats and 1 giant puppy. Life gets crazy, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

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