Vinaigrette Potato Salad

My husband tried this style of salad at a friend’s house and loved it, so requested I try my hand at it. He had a general idea of the ingredients, so I guessed portions and found a balance we like. It is super easy to make, tastes best after it has sat at least overnight to absorb the flavours and because it’s not dairy based, you can easily serve it in warm weather without worrying about it spoiling as fast. It’s full of fresh flavour and light, so you don’t feel as heavy after eating it.

This is based on a smaller portion as we didn’t want many leftovers, so if you are preparing it for a bigger crowd, double, or triple the size.


680g Bag of Mini Potatoes

1/8C Olive Oil

1/8C White Vinegar or White Wine Vinegar

1/4C Fresh Dill

1/3 Yellow onion diced

Salt and Pepper to taste


Start by boiling the potatoes. Once fully cooked, strain the pot and fill with cold water to cool the potatoes faster. I usually leave the tap running a bit for the first few minutes as the heat from the potatoes will warm the water. Leaving it running help keep the water cool.

Once cooled enough to touch, cut the potatoes in half and place in a container you can seal. This is where I love the anchor dishes as they have a tight seal but also with the clean glass are great for serving.

Pour the rest of the ingredients over the potatoes and mix until each potato is well covered. You cna use less or more for the dill, depending on your tastes. Store in the fridge overnight and enjoy! It’s THAT simple.

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