Kitchen Tips and Meal Planning

The kitchen is the heart of the home.Traditionally it was where the heat was, where everyone gathered. I find in our house whether it’s family or friends, everyone still tends to gather in the kitchen to share snacks, tell stories or leave their dishes! Life is busy, but we still need to eat. My daughters are 100% responsible for making their own lunches and snacks for school. We have spent years teaching them nutrition, knife skills and how to heat up leftovers or make a sandwich. It’s quite awesome getting to enjoy that hot coffee in the morning now.

Our nights are quite busy, especially with me not often home for dinner. Each week, I set out our meal plan. This helps avoid waste and keeps us organized. I also batch cook. This means if I’m making a meal that can be frozen and reheated, I double it up so there’s one to put in the freezer to save and cook for another night.

Storing recipes, meal planning, a stocked pantry and keeping a grocery list has really helped to be prepared. Putting a plan into place and making it a habit can turn a chaotic kitchen into a smooth operation. You can use the search function to find posts about recipes, meal plans, and other tips I use to make our days more functional.

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